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Bella Hadid shares a heartfelt note for her auntie Ghada

Bella Hadid said, “Auntie Ghada was beyond intelligent".

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January 23, 2022
Bella Hadid shares a heartfelt note for auntie Ghada
Bella Hadid shares a heartfelt note for auntie Ghada

US supermodel Bella Hadid shared a heartfelt note for her auntie Ghada, who died last week, to pay homage to her.

Taking to Instagram, Bella posted throwback photos of her auntie with a heartfelt note.

She said, “Auntie Ghada was born in Nazareth, Palestine in 1944. She was the eldest child of the Hadid siblings. She, my father and their family, lived in 3 different continents as refugees before finally settling in the United States.”

“Auntie Ghada was beyond intelligent. She had multiple degrees; communications, business and finance. She was the first female VP in the largest bank in the capital and she made a career in real estate development (Just like my father.).”

“She was a Palestinian female pioneer and she broke barriers professionally, personally and culturally. She was kind, incredibly smart, loving, determined, strong. She was the head of the family and did everything she could for her 7 younger siblings to have a better life as Palestinian refugees in America.

“We will miss her so much, but I know that we, Lina, and Glenny, will continue to make her so proud and her legacy will live on forever. I feel so lucky to come after so many strong Palestinian women. Determination is in our blood. I love you auntie Ghada,” Bella concluded.