Monday May 16, 2022

Universal Pictures sued by Ana de Armas fans

Universal Pictures sued by Ana de Armas fans

By Web Desk
January 23, 2022

Hollywood studio Universal Pictures has been sued by two fans of actress Ana de Armas.

The fans identified as Conor Woulfe and Peter Rosza they were duped into renting a film because she was in the trailer.

They say they each paid $3.99 (£2.94) for the comedy Yesterday, only to discover the actress had been removed from the final cut.

BBC reported that the fans are seeking $5m in compensation on behalf of all affected viewers.

The fans say they were victims of deceptive marketing, and that Universal used de Armas's "fame, radiance and brilliance" to promote a film she wasn't in.

Universal Pictures has yet to comment on the issue.