Sunday May 22, 2022

Why Virginia Giuffre does not want financial settlement from Prince Andrew

Virginia Giuffre is said to be uninterested in receiving money from Prince Andrew

By Web Desk
January 14, 2022

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Virginia Giuffre could be uninterested in a monetary settlement and would prefer Prince Andrew to face the legal process, according to Giuffre’s attorney David Boies.

Speaking to BBC Newsnight, he said that Giuffre may not be interested in money alone as she wants the Duke of York to admit to his wrongdoings.

"I think it's very important to Virginia Giuffre that this matter be resolved in a way that vindicates her and vindicates the other victims. I don't think she has a firm view at this point, or could she, as to exactly what a solution should be.

"But I think what's going to be important is that this resolution vindicates her and vindicates the claim she has made. A purely financial settlement is not anything that I think she's interested in."