Thursday January 20, 2022

Alec Baldwin ‘still on the hook’ for 'negligent discharge’

Experts reveal Alec Baldwin is still liable for 'negligent discharge’ charges

By Web Desk
December 06, 2021

Experts recently weighed in on the potential 'negligent discharge’ charges Alec Baldwin can expect as a result of his involvement in the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

This warning has been issued by weapons armorer Bryan W. Carpenter during an interview with Fox News Digitial.

There he was quoted saying, "You have to cock the hammer, you have to pull the trigger, or you have to cock the hammer and let it fly forward, one of the two things, which requires an operator to do it."

"And if an operator is doing it, then they're in control of the weapon. And if they're cocking the hammer, they're in the two-part process of firing it. And if they slip and let the hammer fall down, that's still a negligent discharge. If you cocked that hammer back, and you let it go, that's still a negligent discharge.”

The courts are going to see that “You accidentally discharged that weapon, and it's your fault."

"So, you were just cocking the hammer back, it slipped and went off. It's not the gun's fault. It's your fault because when that gun is sitting in a resting state, it's in a neutral state. And someone, an operator, somebody has to do something to that gun to make it fire or not fire."