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Prince William accused Prince Harry of ‘overreacting’ to Archie’s skin color claim

Prince William accuses Prince Harry of having ‘overreacted’ over questions of Archie’s skin color

By Web Desk
December 04, 2021

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Royal authors reveal Prince William accused Prince Harry of having ‘completely overreacted’ to questions of Archie’s skin color.

This claim has been unearthed by royal author, Christopher Andersen.

He was quoted telling Us Weekly, "I was able to trace this back to a comment that was made by Prince Charles to [Duchess] Camilla on the day that the announcement of Harry and Meghan’s engagement was made.”

"And what he did was casually turn to her like any grandparent to be would do and say, ‘I wonder what their children will look like, hair color, eye color, complexion’.”

"He did it fondly, but the problem is it was… misconstrued, contorted over a period of time by the bureaucrats and the palace – the people who [Princess] Diana used to call the ‘men in grey’ – and they really weaponized that and turned it into something that was quite nasty by the time it reached Harry’s ear."

Even though Prince Charles personally denied being the royal who made the racial claim Mr Andersen believes "I wish the palace would take care to read what the book actually said.”

"The real fiction here is the denial. This is what the palace always does. There’s a knee-jerk reaction is to say, ‘None of it’s true'.”

"In this particular case, clearly, they haven’t read the book because if they did, they’d see that, in a sense, it sort of softens the image of the royal family in terms of race.”