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Tourist ecstatic after running into Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson

The fan shared that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson appeared to be on a "date" when meeting them

By Web Desk
November 28, 2021
Tourist ecstatic after running into Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson

A tourist's run in with a pair of celebrities during regular morning caffeine run might have become a highlight of their trip. 

Dutch music journalist Paul Barewijk was over the moon when he ended up meeting Kim Kardashian West and Pete Davidson in Beverly Hills Hotel where he was staying during his vacation in LA.

Paul spoke to People and shared that he first spotted the Saturday Night Live comedian when he was having his regular morning tea while speaking to his mother on the phone.

"All of the sudden I looked to my right and saw Pete Davidson,” he told the outlet.

"I talked further with my mom and then I thought, 'Who is he talking with?' Because I know the latest dating rumors. And so, it was Kim Kardashian!"

"I asked her for a photo. She said, 'Okay, sure,' and I asked Pete to take the photo. So he did. We took two photos," he said and then proceeded to as Pete for a photo as well.

"I told him that people in The Netherlands like him because of SNL, so.. selfie? He took it!"

The fan also dished out on the details of the new couples chemistry and said that it was apparent that the two were on a "date".

"They looked happy, sat close to each other and walked away together. It looked like a date to me."

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