Saturday December 04, 2021

Taylor Swift addresses ‘old-school’ vibes of newly released track 'Christmas Tree Farm'

Taylor Swift weighs in on her newly released reimagined version of 'Christmas Tree Farm'

By Web Desk
November 25, 2021

Lyricist and singer Taylor Swift recently sat down for a chat and weighed in on the vibes of her newly released version of Christmas Tree Farm.

The singer weighed in on the vibes of her new track for Christmas Tree Farm (Old Timey Version) in a new video for Amazon Music.

There she revealed her vision for the nostalgic track, backed by a 70-piece orchestra.

She started off by telling the streaming giant, "This new version is amazing because it feels like it's that more sort of laid-back Christmas feel of doing all your shopping and relaxing by a fire. It's definitely a little bit more of that old-school Christmas song feel."

The behind-the-scenes clip still features home videos from Swift’s childhood and were shot at the family’s 15-acre Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania called Pine Ridge Farm.

This song is part of Swift’s original Christmas EP The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection in October 2007.