Sunday September 25, 2022

Prince Charles ‘deduced to tears’ by Prince Philip: ‘Wanted a kid in own image’

Prince Philip once reduced Prince Charles to tears because he ‘wanted son in his own image’

By Web Desk
November 22, 2021

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Experts recently revealed the truth behind Prince Charles’ relationship with his father Prince Philip.

This claim’s been made by royal biographer Penny Junor and during her interview with ITV News, she revealed some shocking truths regarding Prince Philip’s relationship with his son Prince Charles.

There she was quoted saying, "Charles desperately, desperately wanted to please his father, desperately wanted to do the right thing and to get his admiration and his praise.”

"And the Duke was a particular sort of man, he was an alpha-male, he wanted a son in his own image. And Charles was just never that child, and there were many occasions, I am told, that his father did reduce Charles to tears.”

She also went on to say, "Their interests were very similar, they were both artists, they were both fascinated by wildlife, the Navy and young people.”

"The Prince of Wales had his Prince’s Trust and the Duke of Edinburgh has his Duke of Edinburgh award scheme, they were so similar in some ways."