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Aayush Sharma 'afraid' of failing Salman Khan if 'Antim' flops

'I feel I’m representing his name,' says Aayush Sharma

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November 18, 2021
Aayush Sharma afraid of failing Salman Khan if Antim flops
Aayush Sharma 'afraid' of failing Salman Khan if 'Antim' flops

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan's brother-in-law Aayush Sharma is talking about working with the actor in film Antim: The Final Truth.

Speaking to Hindustan Times in a recent interview, Sharma admitted that he understands the responsibility that is over his shoulders to give his best performance.

“The pressure and responsibility is there. But more than anything, I hope I don’t let him (Khan) down. That is a big thing. He has been there [for me]. I take it as my personal responsibility (to not let him down),” says Sharma, who is married to Khan’s younger sister Arpita.

He adds, “Somewhere down the line, people might say, ‘Arrey, yeh ghar ki baat hai. Bhai ne picture produce ki hai toh kya ho gaya’. The only way that you can counter anything like this is by putting in the hard work.”

Sharma is especially concerned about the financial losses that the film might incur if his performance is not up to the mark.

“He [Salman] has worked very hard for that money. It is not like his money grows on trees. When he is producing a film, it is his own money that is going to be at stake,” shares Sharma, revealing that Khan has spent hours teaching him the craft.

“He has put in five years on training me before I got into movies. I feel I’m representing his name. I feel that if I don’t work, people might say that maybe his coaching or training didn’t work. These factors keep playing in my mind,” says the actor, who made his debut in 2018 with Loveyatri, which was backed by Salman.

Sharma asserts, “Though bhai is very casual about it in front of everyone, there is a sense in me that he is putting so much of trust, faith on and more than anything, he is putting his hard earned money on me. I hope he is proud of me by the end of it. At least he should be convinced that I am doing the right thing.”