Saturday December 04, 2021

Prince Harry ‘hunted down’ Princess Diana’s psychic to enquire of her death

Prince Harry found Princess Diana’s psychic to ask her about her life and tragic demise

By Web Desk
November 14, 2021

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Prince Harry once contacted Princess Diana’s personal psychic, to find out about her life and tragic end.

All of this was revealed by the spiritual guide herself, Sally Morgan. She had many visits with the prince, and in each of them, he asked her a series of questions.

The spiritual guide, Sally Morgan herself revealed the details surrounding her multiple meetings with Prince Harry.

For those unversed, Morgan is famed for having predicted Diana’s tragic death, Prince Harry’s wedding to a brunette and the fact that the couple would live together despite facing “tumultuous” times.

Fifteen years after Princess Diana’s car crash, Prince Harry reached out to Sally and asked, “What do you think about how my mother died?”

While reiterating the encounter, Ms Morgan explained, “He was there dressed in medical scrubs. He wouldn’t have any ­photographs taken and he came over to me and said, ‘Sally, you’re the lady who used to see my mother’.”

“I said, ‘Yes I did. The last time I saw you, you were about seven’. And he said, ‘Oh, Sally, I remember, my mother would often talk about you, she spoke to you a lot’.

“I said that she did and then he asked if I wanted a picture. He was with a group of lads and they were all tipsy, and I remember he bought everyone a round of drinks. It was a fun party.”

He also met eight years after that, and during their 45-minute conservation, the prince asked a number of questions.

Sally also weighed in on the events that followed and explained, “I was on holiday in St Tropez and he called me and the first thing he said was, ‘What do you think about how my mother died?’.”

“I had spoken to Sarah before Diana’s death and had made a prediction the Queen was going to die, that she was in a really dark place and I could see a pavement.”

“I said they are going to drag her out and give her CPR and she is going to have a heart attack. That is what the Princess of Wales died of, a heart attack. I said a week later the Queen Mother will die because I can see her funeral.”

“Well the Princess of Wales had the Queen Mother’s funeral that had been arranged because they had all their funerals arranged, and Diana took that. I didn’t tell Harry that though, I just told him to speak to his aunt.”