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Travis Scott’s concert security guard pricked in neck before mass causality

Houston Police Department confirmed that a security guard at Astroworld event was administered drugs

By Web Desk
November 07, 2021

Astroworld security guard was injected a drug before a crowd surge, during Travis Barker’s performance on Friday night, occurred that killed at least eight people, confirmed the Houston Police Department.

According to the Police Department Chief, Troy Finner, initial investigations into the incident found out that a security personal was pricked in neck with a needle when he was among audience.

A press conference on Saturday afternoon also unveiled that police have not inquired the guard however, medical staff confirmed that he was administered Narcan – a drug used on patients who are overdosed on opioids.

The medical staff also found out a needle mark on the guard’s neck.

The police official also told reporters that the drug was also administered on some other concertgoers.

“We do know that there were several, many, instances where they did administer Narcan on site,” Finner said. “This is now a criminal investigation that is going to involve our homicide division, as well as narcotics.”

Around 17 patients, including 11 with a cardiac arrest, were shifted to local hospital while more than 300 received treatment at a field hospital set up close to NRG Park in Houstan where chaos broke put mid-show around 9 p.m.