Sunday October 24, 2021

Kara Robinson touches upon escaping captivity: ‘I want to tell the story’

Kara Robinson relates a painful story from the past

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October 14, 2021
Kara Robinson touches upon escaping captivity: ‘ I want to tell the story’
Kara Robinson touches upon escaping captivity: ‘ I want to tell the story’ 

Famed social media personality Kara Robinson related a painful story when she was abducted by a serial killer at gunpoint from her friend’s front yard in Columbia years ago.

Kara shared the incident after 20 years in a true- crime documentary titled Escaping Captivity: The Kara Robinson Story.

In an exclusive conversation with Fox News, Kara said, "I want to help people, I realized that if I was going to do that, I had to tell my story… I wanted to be in control of it. I wanted to make sure the story was told accurately. So I reached out to my friend [kidnapping survivor and child safety activist] Elizabeth Smart. I told her this is something I wanted to do. She recommended the team that I ended up working with and they have just been so fantastic through the process."

Kara’s happy childhood days became a nightmare for her after she was taken captive, driven away in a dark storage to the criminal’s apartment where she was sexually abused.

For 18 hours, the  15 year old girl was tortured.

In regards to how she survived and escaped. The Tiktoker revealed, "We have this survival mechanism within all of us and I think it’s not anything you could control. But I think my body kicked into that survival mode. For me, I wanted to make sure that I gathered as much information as possible and wait for him to be complacent."

"That was my way of fighting back, So I do think that fight or flight mechanism that we all have was a big part of my survival. And I also think – and I still am – a very strong-willed person. I did not want him to get the better of me."

Robinson signed off by saying, “My biggest long-term effect of my trauma was the dissociation… I was shutting down my emotions and I wasn’t feeling things… I’ve started to dismantle that."