Wednesday September 22, 2021

'Don't Wait Up': Shakira's 'Behind-The-Scene-Interview' released

'Don't Wait Up': Shakira's 'Behind-The-Scene-Interview' released
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August 06, 2021
Dont Wait Up: Shakiras Behind-The-Scene-Interview released

Shakira dropped her song "Don't Wait Up" on 16 July 2021 as the lead single from her upcoming twelfth studio album. 

The song is Shakira's first completely English single since 2016's "Try Everything".

The singer on  Thursday shared her "Don't Wait Up Behind-The-Scene-Interview" on her YouTube channel where she has more than 33 million subscribers.

The video also contains some clips from the song as she talked about the track which has earned 14 million views on the video sharing website.