Sunday September 19, 2021

British public lash out at Prince Charles’ right to ascension: ‘Go away!’

Britain is reportedly on edge over the possibility of Prince Charles possibly ascending to the throne
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August 02, 2021

A group focused on removing the idea of monarchy from the UK recently brought to light a growing number of anger brewing among the British public in regards to Prince Charles’ likely future ascension to the throne.

This claim has been brought forward by the Republic CEO Graham Smith.

During his interview with Express he was quoted saying, “People do not particularly want Charles, I suspect the people that say Charles are the believers who think it ought to be Charles because he is the heir.”

“And so their reaction is that, of course, it should be Charles. I think everybody else wants to have a choice. This is where British values and people's expectations and opinions about individuals collide with the monarchy.”

“The monarchy does not adapt or change and there is no way it can accommodate that wish for a choice. Regardless of the opinion polls, it will be Charles, he could come in with one percent of support in every opinion poll for the next five years and it will still be him becoming head of state after the Queen.”

“I think that is going to cause some significant problems and that is why they want to keep Charles front and centre, to try and win people around.”