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'Never Have I Ever' star Megan Suri gushes on making Mindy Kaling laugh on set

'I actually made her laugh on set,' says Megan

By Web Desk
July 18, 2021
Never Have I Ever star Megan Suri says
'Never Have I Ever' star Megan Suri says 

The newcomer from  Never Have I Ever, Megan Suri, is touching on how she once made Mindy Kaling laugh on the sets of the show.

The newest edition, who has joined season two as Aneesa says that it was an honest fangirl moment when she actually met creator, Kaling, on the show.

"She couldn't have been nicer," Suri continues of Kaling, 42. "I actually made her laugh on set — that was back seven months ago perhaps, but I'm still living off of it. Just knowing that I made Mindy Kaling laugh literally gets me through some of my darkest times."

Speaking of her character, Suri revealed:

"She just sort of naturally embodies everything that Devi wants to be," she says of her character. "She's effortlessly confident, she's sporty, people take a liking to her almost instantaneously and as a result of that, that sort of triggers Devi in her inner insecurities.