Thursday October 28, 2021

‘The Crown’ season 5 to feature Princess Diana’s interview with Martin Bashir

Peter Morgan has already finished writing the next season featuring Princess Diana's Martin Bashir interview

By Web Desk
May 30, 2021

The upcoming much-hyped season of Netflix original series The Crown is all set to feature Princess Diana’s BBC interview with Martin Bashir that dropped bombshells on the royal family.

The Telegraph reported that following the debacle that was recently unleashed against the former BBC journalist after a probe found him guilty of deceiving the late Princess of Wales, the show has decided to incorporate the scandal into the storyline.

A source close to the show revealed to the outlet that the fifth season will feature two episodes that will show Bashir “groomed” Diana and how he managed to get his “deceitful” interview by ensnaring the royal into his “lies.”

The insider further revealed that creator of the show, Peter Morgan has already finished writing the next season and the “scripts are already out there” for both season five and six.

“It has all been written. Peter works very closely with the historical research team who spent weeks poring over the ‘Panorama’ stuff,” the source said.

“This was a year ago. The team were doing the most incredible research and they’ve got it all in there: the buildup to the interview, how Bashir effectively groomed Diana, the interview itself, and the aftermath are all factored in over more than one episode,” they added.