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Why Meghan Markle 's snap with Archie is problematic to Cambridges

Meghan Markle was snapped with Archie in an outing which has raised concerns

By Web Desk
April 30, 2021

Meghan Markle's snap with her son Archie Harrison is said to have “raised a lot of issues” due to the timing of its release.

Royally Obsessed podcast host Rachel Bowie spoke to royal author Elizabeth Holmes about the photo which is thought to have been problematic as its release coincided with the Cambridges who were in the works of releasing a new portrait of Prince Louis on his birthday.

Rachel said: "I think we'd be remiss if we didn't mention the timing of the paparazzi photos we saw of Meghan and Archie.

"I think that was definitely surprising to see.

"Fortunately for the Sussexes we haven't had a lot of that.

"I think the last ones were in Canada where we really got a glimpse."

"But there was a lot of coverage about the timing of that.

"Was that something where they were snapped and held? It raises a lot of issues."

Ms Holmes added: "We haven't see pap pictures of Meghan and Harry, and I've been so relieved about that.

"It's been such an eventful spring and I was worried the cameras would really go for them."

"They've maintained the privacy that I think they deserve and want.

"It always puts a pit in my stomach when I see paparazzi photos, especially with Archie in them.

"The timing of that felt unfortunate to me to, that the paparazzi would do something like that."

Elizabeth said: "Meghan looked great, they both looked so cute.

"But I want them to have the space that they need, especially at this stage of her pregnancy."