Sunday December 05, 2021

Is Zac Efron joining ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ cast? Here’s the truth

Rumours about Zac Efron or 'his type' Adam Warlock have been shot down by James Gunn

By Web Desk
March 11, 2021

Some circulating reports about a certain Hollywood bigwig joining the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy had been making rounds on the internet. 

Sad news for fans as, rumours about Zac Efron or 'his type' Adam Warlock jumping onboard the project have been put to rest after director James Gunn turned to Twitter to clear the air.

"There is no casting underway for Vol. 3. And in what world would I only cast a ‘Caucasian' if the character has gold skin?" said Gunn as he retweeted an article regarding the upcoming film.

"And if I wanted a Zac Efron type wouldn't I go to Zac Efron? Where do you get this nonsense?" he added.

American comedian Seth Rogan couldn’t help but pull Gunn’s leg as he replied to his tweet and said: "[Expletive] I was gonna submit myself for the Zac Efron type.”

Actor Josh Gad also quipped: "This was not the way I wanted to find out I'm out of the running for Adam Warlock."