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Meghan Markle’s ‘childish snub’ turning royal family feud into a ‘Netflix drama’

Johnson called Meghan Markle's snub a “mistake” and said this could lead to things intensifying

By Web Desk
February 07, 2021

Meghan Markle’s snub for the British royal family will be stoking up the tensions between the couple and the British royal family.

A royal expert called out the Duchess of Sussex for not accompanying Prince Harry for the UK visit later this year for the string of royal events lined up.

Royal author Robert Johnson called this snub a “mistake” and said this could lead to things intensifying.

Speaking to Royally Us, he said: "She won't return, I can't see her returning at all. She made it quite clear that she didn't like it here. I think it's a mistake but it's inevitable that she won't come back.”

"How can they be seen avoiding media hype if she doesn't put an end to it?” he said.

"The way to put an end to it is to be seen with your brother-in-law, your sister-in-law, have a big hug, make up and get on with it,” he added.

"It's almost turning it into a Netflix drama, which is not what the Royal Family would want. I think it's rather sad and childish. I think if she came, people would stop talking about it.”

"There is also a degree of embarrassment in the way they held a gun to the Queen's head. The way they did what they did was awful and pretty shocking,” he said.