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Meghan Markle, Prince Harry knee-deep in trouble after Oprah’s endorsement

Oprah’s endorsement of the Meghan Markle-backed startup could lead to dire consequences for her and Harry

By Web Desk
December 21, 2020

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been under fire since they parted ways with the royal family.

And after the Duchess of Sussex invested in the startup Clevr Blends, many are predicting that this could lead the couple’s Megxit deal to a snapping point.

According to a report by the Sunday Times, Oprah Winfrey’s recent endorsement of the Meghan-backed startup could lead to dire consequences for the pair.

“An almighty plug from a talk-show host flagging her royal connections has stretched the elastic contours of the ‘Megxit’ deal to snapping point,” the report stated.

Last week, Winfrey turned to her Instagram and showed off the gift basket sent to her by Meghan through the startup.

Earlier, regarding the investment, the duchess had said: “This investment is in support of a passionate female entrepreneur. I’m proud to invest in Hannah’s commitment to sourcing ethical ingredients and creating a produce that I personally love and has a holistic approach to wellness.”