Friday December 03, 2021

I just fall down: Stephen Colbert on being diagnosed with vertigo

Stephen Colbert sheds some light on his diagnosis with benign positional vertigo

By Web Desk
December 02, 2020

Late night talk show host Stephen Colbert shed some light on his struggle with a medical condition called benign positional vertigo.

It's a form of vertigo where the person experiences a sudden sensation dizziness when their head is turned in the wrong way.

The condition can also see one experience nausea and a loss of balance.

While it can be troubling at times the talk show host is trying to adjust into this new life.

"It’s almost entertaining, until I forget," he told Vanity Fair.

"And then I go to stand up, and then I just fall down. So, I’m coming to you right now from a very weird angle, slightly listing to port."

Even in the midst of the interview, Colbert was reminded by his wife to do his prescribed exercises.