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Archie Harrison can rebel against Prince Harry, Meghan Markle all to reclaim his birthright

Archie Harrison could go against Prince Harry, Meghan Markle in order to reclaim his birthright

By Web Desk
October 18, 2020
Archie Harrison can rebel against Prince Harry, Meghan Markle all to reclaim his birthright

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s son Archie Harrison could potentially turn to the crown in order to reclaim the birthright his parents did not want him to have.

Constitutional expert, Iain MacMarthanne touched upon the Earl’s official title during an interview with Express UK and was quoted saying, "Like his great-grandfather, grandfather and mother before him the Prince of Wales when he becomes king will, in consultation with the prime minister and cabinet of the day, be able to amend, change and determine who enjoys the style and title HRH and prince or princess. Whether this happens, and who it might affect, only time will tell."

It is also a well-known fact that Archie will automatically become a prince shortly after Prince Charles takes up the throne.

He went on to say, "As things presently stand, and irrespective of his parents' withdrawal from front line royal duties, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, otherwise the Earl of Dumbarton, and upon the accession of his grandfather HRH Prince Archie of Sussex, unless the Queen determines otherwise in the meantime, is, by courtesy, an earl, and will become an HRH and Prince."

That is not to say his royal parents will not have a say in these rules, "Despite Letters Patent stating one thing it remains the right of his parents, in consultation with the monarch, to dispense with the use of any and all titles due to him by right. By Letters Patent, unless changed, there is no escaping the legal fact of them, notwithstanding that personal choice, with the approval of the monarch, can subvert them.

"In the case of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, they have made clear they have no wish for their son to have, or use any title. This has been granted and unless they or their son choose otherwise he will continue not to use them."

"A current example of this is the children of the Earl and Countess of Wessex and Forfar, their daughter rather than being HRH Princess Louise of Wessex and Forfar is known as Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor; and her brother, styled Viscount Severn, is in fact HRH Prince James of Wessex and Forfar."

Whether it is during Prince Charles’s succession or after the age of 18 Archie still holds rights as to his possible HRH title, down the road. "There is a sting in the tail here in terms of the son reaching his majority, while his parents might choose one thing now he will be able to choose another come his majority, should he choose and the status quo remains."