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King Charles could make shock announcement following abdication trend

King Charles could make big decision about his reign

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June 24, 2024
King Charles could make shock announcement
King Charles could make shock announcement

Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg has sent shockwaves across the world with his announcement that he's abdicating to his son after 24 years on throne, giving birth to questions about the British monarchy and cancer-stricken King Charles' reign.

The shock news about the 69-year-old European monarch's abdication plan comes amid speculations about King Charles' reign as the British King, who's battling cancer, is being asked to give up the crown to 42-year-old son Prince William. 

The Grand Duke, in his unexpected announcement, revealed that his eldest son Prince Guillaume, 42, will assume his position on the throne in the autumn, saying:  "I would like to inform you that I have decided to appoint Prince Guillaume as Lieutenant-Representative in October."

Previously, Margrethe announced to leave the throne for her eldest son Frederik X after 52-years on throne. She reigned as Queen of Denmark from 14 January 1972 until her abdication on 14 January 2024.

Some royal experts, historians and fortune teller have already claimed that King Charles, who was officially crowned alongside his wife Queen Camilla in May 2023, is a 'caretaker' of the throne for his eldest son William.

There have been speculations and predictions about King Charles's monarchy since he ascended to the throne following his mother Queen Elizabeth II's passing in September, 2022. 

Some believe that the 75-year-old is carrying out his duty to ensure the throne is there for future generations.

Charles, the oldest person to become king in British history, reportedly knows that his time is shorter and would try to do the best that he can. According to some, he will soon hand over the reign to the heir to the throne in near future, who's currently currently focusing on his cancer-stricken wife Kate Middleton's recovery while continuing royal duties.

King Charles will possibly abdicate the throne due to his advanced age and his eldest son won't take his place due to some mysterious reasons. Harry may replace him.

Royal author Clive Irving previously told The Express that the King may 'retire' when he reaches 80 - in five years' time, adding that the monarch will spend the next five years 'repairing' the monarchy after the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth and scandals involving his son Prince Harry and brother Prince Andrew.