Wednesday July 24, 2024

Justin Timberlake’s DWI bust: Bartender confirms ‘one drink’ before arrest

Justin Timberlake was recently arrested with the charges of DWI in the Hamptons

By Web Desk
June 24, 2024
Justin Timberlake in DWI case
Justin Timberlake in DWI case 

Justin Timberlake did have a drink.

The actor and singer has been confirmed to have “one drink” at New York’s American Hotel by a bartender at the establishment, before he was arrested under DWI charges on Tuesday, June 18.

The anonymous staff member gave the statement while talking to People on Saturday, June 22, describing the 43-year-old’s actions, laying his statements parallel to the singer’s claim that he only had “one martini.”

Another employee at American Hotel, located in Sag Harbor, said to the outlet that, “If he was drinking more, it wasn’t here.”

On June 17, Timberlake was charged and placed under arrest in the Hamptons on DWI-related offences.

“On June 18, 2024, at 12:37 AM, Justin R. Timberlake, age 43, of Tennessee, was observed operating a 2025 BMW southbound on Madison Street, failing to stop at a duly posted stop sign and failing to maintain his lane of travel,” the Sag Harbor Police Department stated in a document regarding Timberlake’s arrest.

It continued, “A traffic stop was initiated by a Police Officer from the Sag Harbor Village Police Department and upon investigation it was determined that Mr. Timberlake was operating his vehicle in an intoxicated condition.”