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Taylor Swift shares hilarious 'Fortnight' bts with Post Malone: Watch

Taylor Swift and Post Malone collaborated song 'Fortnight' was released on April19

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June 23, 2024
Taylor Swift shares hilarious 'Fortnight' bts with Post Malone: Watch

Taylor Swift has given fans a glimpse into the making of her music video for Fortnight, the lead single from her latest album, The Tortured Poets Department.

The behind-the-scenes look showcases the singer's collaboration with Post Malone and offers a humorous and insightful peek into the challenges and fun moments during the shoot.

The video highlights the pair's lighthearted banter and friendship, giving fans a deeper appreciation for the creative process behind the music video.

In the behind-the-scenes video, Swift is first seen filming a scenario when she is gently bounced against by a tram near the end of the video, causing her to instantly recoil. She shatters the glass in the edited clip.

The Chemical singer was enthralled with the antique typewriter as he played with it in the video.

"This is too funny. You shouldn't have let me play."

Swift, 34, then pointed out to her 28-year-old collaborator, “We don’t work in typewriters! Millennials don’t see that s–t!”

Not yet done exploring the device, Post asked her, “How do you get a shift” — when his jaw suddenly dropped with surprise — “What the hell! I’m buying this right now! This is too much fun. Ya’ll shouldn’t have let me play!”

A touching conversation between Swift and  Malone occurred during the production of the Fortnight music video.

Swift led the image, and she gave Post instructions. Post dutifully followed, addressing her respectfully and responding with "Yes, ma'am" several times.

Their creative connection is evident in the music video, which peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and remained there for two weeks.

They looked over a photo together, and their working relationship was clear.

“Look at this! You don’t see happiness from either of us, and then we come around and find you!” she exclaimed. “You went nuts! Look at this! Ooooh! No tats and so happy!”

“It’s f**king amazing! It’s amazing. I think it’s stunning,” Post responded as the pop star screamed in delight at how the video was coming together, before congratulating her on her work and high-fiving her. “One Take Tay!”