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Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper's 'sober' bromance still going strong

Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper have supported each other multiple times

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June 17, 2024
Brad Pitt, Bradley Coopers sober bromance still going strong
Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper's 'sober' bromance still going strong

Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper's friendship, despite their busy schedules, remains strong, according to a source.

The actors are reportedly planning to spend quality time together with their respective partners, Ines De Ramon and Gigi Hadid, making for a stylish and talented foursome.

“With Bradley Cooper’s support, Brad Pitt has become the patron saint of Alcoholics Anonymous among Hollywood A-Listers,” a source exclusively told In Touch.

“That has created a new, sober social universe for him and Ines De Ramon as Brad continues to lead a new movement among actors and creators of all ages to put down the bottle and pick up a good book or go see a concert instead.”

Brad, 60, and Bradley, 49, have been friends for a long time. Brad publicly thanked Bradley for helping him sober during his 2020 Best Supporting Actor victory speech at the National Board of Review's annual dinner. 

The Hangover actor initially got clean at the age of 19, and he has been sober for more than 20 years.

The source said the pair take their sobriety seriously, adding, “If you’re around either of these guys, Cooper or Pitt, you feel the tension and the intense vulnerability firsthand.”

“They both are full of apologies and trying to live better lives. What they should be asking is ‘How can we make money from this?’” the insider continued.

“Because they both have pretty incredible stories of overcoming their drinking and trying to make amends.”

According to a source, Pitt's priority is maintaining a healthy relationship with his girlfriend, Ines De Ramon, a 34-year-old jewellery designer.

The couple, introduced by a mutual friend, has been together for almost two years since December 2022.

In contrast, Cooper is driven by a desire to make his mother and late father proud, seeking redemption from his tumultuous early years in Hollywood.

Meanwhile, his girlfriend, 29-year-old model Gigi Hadid, is accustomed to dealing with a more reserved partner, having been linked to Cooper since October 2023.