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Kate Middleton proves her loyalty with bold new move

Kate and William's latest private executive assistant recently flaunted her watch on social media

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June 13, 2024
Natasha Archer is the newest PA for Princess Kate and Prince William

Kate Middleton's positive move for a personal friend and aide shows she's "rewarding loyalty" and supporting those who have stood by her during her cancer battle, sources have claimed.

The Princess of Wales has promoted her long-time stylist Natasha Archer to a senior private executive role within the Royal Household, a position serving both her and Prince William.

Since 2010, 36-year-old Ms. Archer, affectionately known as "Tash," has been Princess Kate's personal assistant and stylist. She recently updated her LinkedIn profile to reflect her career advancement. 

Royal insiders view Ms. Archer's promotion as a recognition of her steadfast loyalty to the future Queen. This was especially evident when she was seen picking up Princess Kate from the hospital after her abdominal surgery earlier this year, as reported by the Mail. 

Kate Middleton proves her loyalty with bold new move

Following this, she was welcomed into Kate's closest circle of family and friends who have supported her during her cancer recovery.

According to Royal sources speaking to the publication, Ms Archer has been a pillar of support for the princess, with the pair becoming virtually "inseparable" over recent months, reports the Express.

Insiders have commented, "Natasha deserves this boost she's unfailingly discreet and loyal to Kate. The salary boost will be welcome too. This appointment means we can expect to see Natasha by Kate's side for years to come. They added: "It seems to be Kate's way of thanking her for her loyalty."

Natasha recently flaunted her watch on social media on social media by displaying her watch, which is identical to one owned by the Princess of Wales.