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Kate Middleton mirrors Diana’s fate over tragic snub by King Charles

King Charles has been accused of treating Kate Middleton the same way as Diana

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June 13, 2024
Kate Middleton denied huge honour by King Charles in tragic nod to Diana
Kate Middleton denied huge honour by King Charles in tragic nod to Diana

King Charles has been criticized for delaying investing Kate Middleton with one of the highest honours in the royal family.

Speaking on behalf of Slingo, as per the Daily Express, former butler of Princess Diana, Paul Burrell urged the 75-year-old monarch to make the Princess of Wales a Lady of the Order of the Garter, owing to her priceless status among the royals.

The Most Noble Order of the Garter was founded by King Edward III in 1348, and ever since, the head of state has been equipped with the decision to invest royal members with different honours.

He also argued the King grants such honours to those who sing his praises as well as whom he has a personal liking with.

In the end, the royal author compared Kate’s situation to Diana, noting she was void of any special honour during her decades-long tenure in the family.

Paul shared, "I wonder why Kate hasn’t been made a Lady of the Order of the Garter when she is our future queen, which is out of kilter for me,” adding: "I think it revolves around the King and his favorites."

"I'm hoping that the King will invest Kate in the most noble order. I'm hoping he's going to do that; if he does it, will make headlines, [and] she deserves it," he continued.

"The King showers the people around him who favor royal titles and gifts. He does it because he wants to be loved and reward them for their service to him and the country."

"Diana, Princess of Wales, was married to Charles for 15 years before they divorced but never received one award from the royal family. Nothing for her contribution to society or the world.

“I have a problem with that because I think she should have been, but she was never celebrated in the way the King is celebrating his family,” Burrell concluded.