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Rebecca Ferguson address’s Claustrophobia

Rebecca Ferguson shares how she deals with people who know about her Claustrophobia

By Web Desk
June 13, 2024
Rebecca Ferguson talks about claustriphobia

Rebecca Ferguson does not really think being Claustrophobic is something that she should hide, instead, she likes when people know about her condition.

“Expose it!” she said to Variety. “I’m quite happy people know because if they listen, they’ll be like, ‘Okay, good to know, she’ll take the stairs when she comes.’”

Ferguson opened up about her claustrophobia at the Variety Awards Circuit Podcast, when she had to take the five flights of stairs up to the studio instead of taking the elevator.

She also called herself “a human Jason Bourne”, because assesses her surroundings wherever she goes and observes the littlest of the details.

The actress revealed that when arriving in the studio, she already assessed that the doors open inward, which is a bad thing as she won’t be able to kick it open if trapped. This goes for every location, “Going to public loos – it’s an issue!”

But she also revealed the good thing about this. “I think about butt exercise,” she said recalling when her “Mission Impossible” co-star Tom Cruise walked upstairs and either he or his trainer kept saying to themselves, “Booty. Booty, booty, booty.”

Ferguson also addressed how she managed to star in the Apple TV+ series Silo, which is about humans living in an underground silo in a dystopian future where the outside world has become uninhabitable.

“But it’s a location. It’s sets. I know my exits,” she said.