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Hyeri gives in-depth insight into struggles to lose weight ahead of new project

Hyeri confirmed she is planning to go on a diet for new project

By Web Desk
April 13, 2024
Heri reveals her InBody measurements

Hyeri recently revealed her InBody measurements and confirmed that she is planning to go on a diet.

On April 12 KST, Hyeri updated her YouTube channel, after going out for Korean beef omakese with her filming crew.

The actress added a new video that offered an insight into her diet.

In the video that she shared, Hyeri could be seen enjoying the course meal, commenting: "I'm full already. It makes me sad."

Meanwhile, a staff from the filming crew was quick to ask: "Did your stomach shrink because you've been dieting? How long do you need to be on a diet?"

To which, Hyeri responded: "I need to really cut my weight down for my next project." 

She further revealed, "But actually I weigh more than I look. I did an InBody assessment the other day. I will reveal everything in detail."

The star then showed her InBody assessment results, looking in the camera.

According to the latter, Hyeri currently weighed 54.1 kg (119.3 lb), with her muscle mass being 22.2 kg and her body fat measure being 25%. [Hyeri is 167 cm (~ 5 ft 7 in) tall.

Recounting an instance from the past when she met up with BLACKPINK’s Jisoo on her YouTube channel, the South Korean star admitted to weighing at 57.2 kg.

In addition, the singer promised her viewers that she “will diet really hard and show you my transformation."