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Adriyan Rae to star in Mara Brock Akil’s upcoming Netflix series ‘Forever’

Inside Adriyan Rae's role in Netflix's upcoming series 'Forever'

By Web Desk
April 03, 2024
Adriyan Rae joined the cast of Mara Brock Akil’s  Forever
Adriyan Rae joined the cast of Mara Brock Akil’s  'Forever'

Adriyan Rae secured a recurring role in Mara Brock Akil’s upcoming Netflix series, Forever.

As reported by Deadline, the American actress will join the cast of the much-anticipated series as Brittany, one of Keisha’s older sisters.

Rae's character is described as a social climber who takes care of Keisha (played by Lovie Simone) and looks out for her well-being. She affectionately calls Keisha 'Urkel' due to her book-smart nature.

Possessing a blend of sarcasm, a sense of humour, and a blunt attitude, Rae's Brittany is a loyal support system for Keisha and her mom Shelly.

Rae has previously led the cast of Vagrant Queen and portrayed Brittany Pitts in Paramount+'s reboot of The Game.

Her television credits also include guest appearances on various shows such as FX’s Atlanta, BET’s American Soul, and FOX’s musical drama Star.

Additionally, Forever is a reimagining of the 1975 novel by Judy Blume, focusing on the epic love story of two Black teens navigating their identities through the awkward and moving journey of being each other's firsts in 2018 Los Angeles.