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Kate Middleton coma conspiracy theory angers Prince William, other royals

The palace reacts to rumours about Kate Middleton's health

By Web Desk
February 28, 2024
The palace reacts to rumours about Kate Middletons health
The palace reacts to rumours about Kate Middleton's health

The palace has expressed its anger over rumours and speculations about Kate Middleton's health, blasting the future Queen's coma conspiracy theory as "ludicrous".

The palace aides told a media outlet particular allegations that Kate was in a medically induced coma, made by a journalist in Spain, were "ludicrous."

The rumours about Kate's coma began to circulate on social media again after Prince William announced he was pulling out of a key appearance because of an unspecified "personal matter." on Tuesday.

The Princess of Wales's team told Newsweek the claim was "ludicrous and not fact-checked by Kensington Palace."

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However, royal aides have still not revealed Kate's diagnosis and with no photographs of the princess the rumor mill has gone into overdrive.

"It's total nonsense. No attempt was made by that journalist to fact-check anything that she said with anyone in the household. It's fundamentally, totally made-up, and I'll use polite English here: it's absolutely not the case," the palace previously told The Time.

The palace shared  no pictures of Kate's leaving hospital and no privately taken images released either, creating a vacuum in which conspiracy theories have taken hold.

Emma Woolf, host of The Talk, said: "I think it's more serious than Kensington Palace have revealed and her privacy should be respected."