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Health expert claims Princess Kate 'unlikely to travel outside UK' after recovery

Medical expert reveals truth about Princess Kate's health condition and recovery

By Web Desk
February 28, 2024

A medical expert has shared shocking information about Princess Kate's present health condition and her early stage of recovery, saying she is "unlikely to travel outside the UK" after returning to royal duties.

The Princess of Wales is out of action since she underwent her "successful" abdominal surgery on January 16, and unlikely to make appearance until after Easter as pert the Palace's statement. 

However, Kensington Palace released no further details about the operation and disease.

Speaking to GB News, consultant psychologist Dr James Thompson revealed the truth about Kate's return to the royal duty saying: "Depending on the success of her recovery and how confident she is feeling at this time, this will determine when she is back performing her royal duties."

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The health specialist explained: "With a swift recovery, we expect to see Kate back to her usual duties relatively soon, back meeting the general public and her usual royal engagements."

Dr James went on claiming: "However, this most likely will not include travelling outside the UK in the early stages."

The psychologist's claims suggest Kate and William will not engage in any international travel over the coming months while the princess recuperates.