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North West takes the stage with Kanye after breaking Billboard record

North recently became one of the youngest artists to chart at Billboard Hot 100

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February 26, 2024
North featured on her dad Kanye’s track ‘Talking’ on his latest album, ‘Vultures’

North West stole the show once more.

Though it was Kanye who brought his young daughter on stage during the Vultures 1 album release party, the spotlight was on the young artist as she performed the song Talking/ Once Again.

Videos circulating social media showed the father-daughter duo dancing and bopping around to the song as it played over the speakers.

In the track, North famously penned and rapped the words, “It’s your bestie/ Miss, miss Westie/ Don’t trynna test me/ It’s gonna get messy/ Just, just bless me/ Bless me.”

The pair matched in all-black ensembles – North in her puffer coat and huge trapper hat while Kanye opted for his Friday the 13th get-up, complete with a Jason Voorhees mask.

North – whom the legendary rapper shares with ex-wife Kim Kardashian – recently broke records with her collaboration on Kanye’s new album, Vultures 1.

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With the track Talking/ Once Again reaching the Billboards Hot 100, the 11-year-old became the youngest artist ever to top the charts.