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King Charles reassures Prince William of Prince Harry’s bleak future in Firm

Prince William and King Charles are united in their decision to stop Prince Harry from returning to family

By Web Desk
February 23, 2024
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Prince William and King Charles are agreed upon the improbability of Prince Harry returning to the royal fold in any capacity.

Speaking to the Daily Beast, a source revealed the 75-year-old monarch is behind William’s decision to not have the shunted royal back into the family despite his willingness.

The Times recently reported that the Duke of Sussex had told his pals about his intentions to pitch in for royal duties while the King gets treatment for his cancer and Kate Middleton continues to recover from her abdominal surgery.

He also visited his father in the UK earlier this month.

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However, it was relayed that the Charles and William will not allow him to return due to distrust plagued over their relationship for the last few years.

The source told the Daily Beast: “[William] doesn’t want to see Harry because he thinks it would all just be put in the next book or TV interview, but he is entirely relaxed about his father meeting with his son.”

“They both agree there is no prospect of Harry returning to represent the royal family, despite what Harry may want—and that is the important thing as far as William is concerned,” they added.