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Prince William’s ‘number one priority’ is not royal duties but something else?

Prince William has been expected to step up and take responsibility during King Charles’ illness

By Web Desk
February 23, 2024

King Charles’ son Prince William seems to be putting his immediate family on “number one priority,” above everything else, even royal duties amid the King’s cancer treatment.

One royal expert claims this may also be to protect his family from the matters going on with Sussex’s.

William and Harry were really close growing up, but grew distant as time passed, especially after Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle and then moving to California. Moreover, the things revealed in the Duke's memoir Spare made the matter even worse.

2024 has been difficult for William, starting with his wife Princess Kate going under major abdominal surgery and now recovering at home, while King Charles gets rest being treated for cancer.

With the King on a sick leave, William was expected by many to step up and take royal responsibilities, but according to royal expert Richard Kay, "William is determined that family life is his number one priority".

He said, "A lot of people were speculating that when the King got ill that William would have to be deputy King and step in and do all those things.”

"William is stubbornly sticking to what he has agreed with his father that his family is the priority," he added.

Another royal expert Sarah Vine says the reason for Prince Willaims choice of family as first priority is "that they’ve been going through an awful lot with this whole nightmare with the Sussexes.”

"I suspect that a lot of what’s going on in their private life is to do with the fallout from that and I think William is drawing his arms around his family as you would do naturally as a good parent," she said.