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Austin Butler reflects on playing Dune: Part Two character

Austin Butler addresses intense method for portraying his role in upcoming Dune movie after Elvis

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February 23, 2024
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Austin Butler has recently weighed in on playing villain Feyd in Dune: Part Two movie.

Speaking to Los Angeles Times, Butler addressed his approach of going overboard for his villain character in the upcoming movie.

“I’ve definitely in the past, with Elvis, explored living within that world for three years and that being the only thing that I think about day and night,” said the 32-year-old.

Butler continued, “With Feyd, I knew that that would be unhealthy for my family and friends.”

Interestingly, The Bikeriders star opened up about his immersing himself for several years to play his role as Elvis Presley in 2022’s epic biopic.

“The only thing I was ever thinking about was Elvis for lengthy periods,” he remarked.

Austin Butler reflects on playing Dune: Part Two character

Butler shared he even started speaking Presley's accent for months even after he finished work on the movie.

Following the Elvis movie, Butler mentioned, “I made a conscious decision to have a boundary.”

Reflecting on villain character in Dune: Part Two, Butler explained, “It allowed for more freedom between action and cut because I knew I was going to protect everybody else outside of the context of what we were doing.”

“That’s not to say that it doesn’t bleed into your life. But I knew that I wasn’t going to do anything dangerous outside of that boundary, and in a way that allowed me to go deeper, I think,” he added.

Meanwhile, Dune: Part Two is set to release in theatres on March 1.