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Rob Lowe reflects on people using popular drugs for weight loss

Rob Lowe opens up on maintaining his toned physique with lifestyle change

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February 20, 2024
Rob Lowe shares his two cents on weight loss drugs and lifestyle
Rob Lowe shares his two cents on weight loss drugs and lifestyle

Rob Lowe has recently expressed concerns over people using popular weight loss drugs like Ozempic.

Speaking to PEOPLE, the 9-1-1: Lone Star actor said, “I see people who are taking all the new weight loss drugs and that's great, and it's really changed their lives.”

However, Lowe revealed his concern always is, “okay, now what? What’s the plan for the longevity of everything?”

“I never ever talk about diets, I talk about lifestyle,” stated the 59-year-old.

Lowe shared he tried to maintain his toned physique with lifestyle change and not following any weight loss drug unlike other Hollywood celebs.

“I'm trying to be even more disciplined now as I'm older just because as you get older, you need to watch what you eat even more than when you were younger,” he explained.

The Wayne’s World star mentioned, “I tried to cut sugar completely as my new year's resolution. And now I'm figuring, okay, that's not sustainable for me, but how do I really watch my sugar consumption?”

“I can't wait to train or to do something physical,” remarked the actor.

Lowe noted, “I have very good friends and family that have to be dragged into doing something physical that would be super tough to overcome.”

“I am blessed that I really enjoy physical exertion and adventure. So, if I'm not on a set, I build my entire day around what activity I'm going to do,” he told the outlet.

Lowe added, “It's a lifestyle to find the balance between longevity and consistency as well as pushing myself as hard as I ever did.”