Wednesday February 28, 2024

King Charles' 'hopeful' response to Prince Harry's reconciliation effort

Prince Harry recently travelled to the UK to inquire after King Charles following cancer diagnosis

February 13, 2024

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King Charles is open to reconciliation with Prince Harry albeit in a gradual, more organic approach as opposed to the 'fairytale reunion' carved out by royal watchers. 

Speaking to OK! a source revealed that the 75-year-old monarch told his estranged son during their latest meeting that the rift he ensued with the royal family “would take time, but there was hope for the future.”

The father-son duo recently had a brief meeting within the four walls of Clarence House after the King informed Harry of his cancer diagnosis earlier this month.

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The Spare author set aside his grievances and boarded on an emergency flight from California, where he lives with his wife Meghan Markle and their two kids, to London to inquire after the ailing King.

The source explained to the outlet: “We all hoped for some kind of fairytale reunion to come out of the shocking news that Charles has cancer, but life is not like that.

“These are complex family relationships which are not going to be resolved with the wave of a wand.”

They also noted that it isn’t the right time for the duo to “hash out” their past in the wake of King Charles’ current health condition as he undergoes scheduled treatments for his cancer.

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“It did seem extraordinary that Harry flew here, only to watch his father and Camilla leave for Sandringham!”

“So what does this tell us? It underlines that a full reconciliation between father and son is going to need work,” the insider added.