Wednesday February 28, 2024

King Charles won't lose his battle with cancer

King Charles won't let his illness get him

February 13, 2024
King Charles wont lose his battle against cancer
King Charles won't lose his battle against cancer

King Charles, who has been diagnosed with a 'form of cancer' months after taking the throne, won't let his illness get him.

Royal expert Ingrid Seward discussed the King’s condition, saying he will remain defiant in the face of the disease, adding "the King is very positive."

"He’s always been very wary about illness and he's not one of those people that dwells on illness," the expert told GB News.

She went on praising the monarch for putting a brave face amid health crisis, saying: "He just pushes it aside, and I think he's being incredibly brave, but also I think he's very buoyed up by the support and the messages that he's received from the general public.

"I think he's rather pleased that by actually telling us all what's going on, he's brought more awareness to this problem that so many people suffer from various forms of cancer."

Discussing the Monarch’s latest outing, she said: "He refuses to give in to fatigue because most people that have cancer treatment do suffer from fatigue, if nothing else. He just won't give into it."

"It just shows you what a strong character he is. And of course, he's got this immense support from his wife. I just don't think without her he'd be nearly as strong as this."

On Tuesday, the King was seen being driven in the State Bentley alongside Queen Camilla after taking a helicopter from Sandringham back to London for what is widely expected to be further treatment following his cancer diagnosis.