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Prince Harry fiercely defended after accusations of 'causing' King Charles cancer

Prince Harry was accused of causing King Charles enough stress to cause him cancer

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February 12, 2024

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Royal author Omid Scobie jumped to Prince Harry’s defense after the Duke of Sussex was accused of causing his father King Charles so much stress that it caused cancer.

As per former Vanity Fair travel editor Victoria Mather’s comments on radio show LBC, the youngest son of King Charles was asked to look into himself and understand 'his part' in causing his father's major illness.

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"What I do know and what is a fact is that stress is a huge cause of cancer," she began. 

"It's the cause that's never talked about, it's the elephant in the room—stress. And I speak as someone who survived cancer and mine was definitely caused by stress.

"We cannot possibly say that the king has not been stressed by events like Megxit. So, I think that Prince Harry has to look at his part in this."

Her comments were not well received by the public as the Endgame author took to X, calling it to be the "lowest of the low" that the expert could do. 

"The lowest of the low. Wasn't this the same royal 'expert' who got yanked off air during a live MSNBC broadcast after using a slur about Meghan?" Scobie said. 

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Additionally, former British journalist Lorraine King chimed in at the dramatic claim as she wrote: "Tomorrow she'll blame Harry and Meghan for global warming."