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King Charles ‘thrilled’ to welcome Prince Harry amid ‘secret war’ with Prince William

King Charles and Prince William have differing opinions over Prince Harry's case against Home Office

By A. Akmal
December 10, 2023
King Charles is reportedly clashing with Prince William amid truce rumours with Prince Harry
King Charles is reportedly clashing with Prince William amid truce rumours with Prince Harry 

King Charles is keeping his options open as his relationship with heir Prince William becomes strained over “heated discussions.”

Prince Harry is currently pursuing in the London High Court against the Home Office trying to win back his right to pay for security when he visits UK with his family and kids.

Royal correspondent Tom Sykes quoted a a friend of King Charles in The Daily Beast that Charles would be “thrilled” to have Harry and his family back in the U.K. more often.

Meanwhile, Harry’s estranged brother Prince William is not pleased with this arrangement.

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“The one saving grace of this whole situation is that they live 5,000 miles away,” a pal of Prince of Wales told Skyes. “The idea of them coming back here will go down like a bucket of warm sick.”

Apart from these differing opinions, the monarch and his heir are clashing over how to rule the British empire.

An insider quoted by In Touch magazine reveals that Charles and William are in “a private war of one-upmanship and won’t ever see eye-to-eye on much else.”

Prince William is rumoured to be ‘hot-headed’ and dominant as his Personal assistant Peter Archer once shared that the future king is determined that none of his decisions are undermined or influenced by the people around him.

Moreover, The Sunday Times previously reported that Charles was unable to convince William to lend Prince Harry an apartment at Kensington Palace.

While the relationship beginning to thaw between Charles and Harry, after they shared a warm phone call over on the monarch’s 75th birthday, a new drama with Omid Scobie's Endgame caused the rift to deepen.

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The King is adamant on not causing “more hurt” or be vindictive with by removing Harry and Meghan’s titles, William on the other hand is still not on speaking terms with his younger brother.