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King Charles, Prince William in 'secret' war behind palace doors

Prince William and King Charles are reportedly involved in ‘heated’ discussions behind palace doors

December 10, 2023
King Charles, Prince William in secret war behind palace doors
King Charles, Prince William in 'secret' war behind palace doors

King Charles and Prince William are reportedly in a secret war as they put on their best smiles for the public.

The father-son duo has been widely understood to clash over their respective approaches to monarchy, with the King relying on conventional means while the Prince of Wales yearns to modernize the throne.

Royal author Clive Irving also previously revealed that Charles is “jealous” of William and Kate Middleton’s soaring popularity among Britons, pointing out his well-known dislike of other people stealing his limelight.

In his recently released controversial book Endgame, Omid Scobie also dished on power struggle between Charles and William, revealing the latter believes his father is “too old-fashioned” to be leading the British state.

“Though they’re very good at hiding their emotions in public, the tension between them is palpable — and behind palace doors, their discussions can get very heated,” spilled an insider to In Touch.

“They’re in a private war of one-upmanship and won’t ever see eye-to-eye on much else,” noting the only subject of agreement is their shared annoyance with Prince Harry.