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Britney Spears taking ‘baby steps’ in reconciling with mom Lynne

Britney Spears reunited with her estranged mom Lynne Spears and Bryan Spears on her 42nd birthday

December 10, 2023

Britney Spears is still unsure of what to make of her relationship with her mom Lynne Spears despite reuniting on her 42nd birthday last week.

The Grammy-winning singer’s mom, Lynne, and brother, Bryan, were guests at the bash thrown by the star’s manager Cade Hudson.

The manager even posted an Instagram photo of Britney with her brother Bryan, 46, and their mom, 68.

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However, the party may have thawed some ice but there is still a long way to go to mend their relationship.

“It’s baby steps,” a Spears source told Page Six. “Everyone around Britney is being very careful not to hurt the chances of reconciliation.”

Previously, a source told People Magazine that while Lynne is “really making an effort to be in Britney’s life” but the singer is “still hurt, because she feels her mom could have done more to help her,” during her tumultuous time.

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“Britney and Lynne were talking prior to the birthday party,” the source told Page Six. “For Britney, it’s very hard, it’s very sensitive. It would be good for them to have each other in their lives.

They continued, “Trust is the keyword. Britney has a very hard time trusting people, as do many people in the limelight, but for her it’s even more difficult after everything that has happened.”

The Gimme More singer’s relationship with her mom has long been strained after she was placed in an extremely strict conservatorship and she publicly blamed Lynne for not standing by her.