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Prince Harry ‘aches’ for the world he left behind in UK

Prince Harry is reportedly 'homesick' and hopes to spend Christmas with his family in UK

December 09, 2023

Prince Harry is doing everything that is there to find his way back into his home country.

The Duke of Sussex, who is in the middle of his legal action against the Home Office, is trying to win back his right to pay for security when he visits UK with his family and kids.

According to royal commentator Kinsey Schofield, the motivation behind the legal action could be that the Duke of Sussex feels a sense of loneliness after moving to US.

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“I’ve heard that he is lonely but even without knowing what I know, you have to imagine this is a young man who grew up in an all-boys school with a bunch of guys, a lot of fun, silly friendships,” Schofield opined to GB News especially with Christmas just around the corner.

“They experienced something that a lot of normal people didn’t experience,” she explained. “Going away to school and waking up with your friends every day, then Christmases in a castle where every room is filled with your cousins that it not the reality he has anymore.”

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She added that now Harry experiences occasions with smaller crowd in the US. “Today he’ll wake up and celebrate a birthday with four people in the room, his children, his wife and his mother-in-law,” Schofield said.

“I do believe he’s lonely, I do believe he aches for the world he left behind.”