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Prince Harry despises Hollywood amid relocation plans: 'Everyone is fake'

Prince Harry has reportedly been considering plans to move

By Web Desk
October 02, 2023

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Prince Harry reportedly no longer wishes to live the Hollywood life after it emerged that the Duke of Sussex allegedly thought about moving back to the royal family.

According to entertainment commentator Mark Boardman the Duke of Sussex’s wife Meghan Markle had to “keep him in check” and bring him back to reality that it was no longer possible for him to return.

He told OK!, “He’s young at heart but he’s got someone to keep him in check and remind him who he is and what he’s supposed to be doing. Ultimately, he would 100% love a London base and he’d love it to be on royal grounds, even if it was in Windsor or one of the apartments in Buckingham Palace. But it’s not going to happen.”

Despite Prince Harry deeply missing his pals, the Spare author came to the realisation that he did not belong in Hollywood, owing to superficial friendships.

“London is where all of Harry’s real friends are. Everyone they know in Hollywood, they aren’t his friends,” he added.

“But ultimately, Meghan wants Harry to be by her side to support her, to look after the kids and to get his life back on track. And anything going backwards is going to take away from that.”

This development comes after reports suggesting that Prince Harry and Meghan have plans to relocate in Miami.