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King Charles faces backlash for silence to claims against royal family

King Charles urged to be 'brave to save the monarchy'; slammed for 'old idiotic' approach

December 02, 2023
King Charles urged to save the monarchy as palace is in panic
King Charles urged to 'save the monarchy' as palace is in panic 

King Charles has been urged to take a different stance to save the monarchy as Buckingham Palace is 'under proverbial siege' after Omid Scobie's explosive book 'Endgame' hit the shelves this week unleashing a series of new claims about the royal family.

The 75-year-old monarch's approach to the bombshell claims in royal author's new book has been branded 'idiotic' by a royal commentator.

Taking aim at the monarch, Daniela Elser said while the King "energetically bangs the climate crisis drum in Dubai for COP28, Buckingham Palace is under proverbial siege".

The commentator appeared slamming the royal family's strategy of handling the recent accusations against them, including the "massive translation error or the most outrageous marketing campaign in history" when the names of two senior royals who allegedly had "concerns" over the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's eldest son Prince Archie's colour were published in the Dutch version of the book.

"We have a Royal Family having been buffeted by a highly damaging crisis after years of damaging crises," Elser told

The expert branded the King's decision to show reluctance to the claims against the family "not brave or stoic or dignified but plain old idiotic." 

The royal commentator and journalist has urged Prince William's father to reconsider his stance in order to not completely lose "the battle to sway younger Britons to the cause of the monarchy".