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Is Taylor Swift having a child with Travis Kelce?

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce move-in together

By Web Desk
December 01, 2023
Taylor Swift’s final commitment: Travis Kelce’s love nest.
Taylor Swift’s final commitment: Travis Kelce’s love nest.

Taylor Swift is now living in boyfriend Travis Kelce’s mansion in Kansas City.

A moving truck was seen outside the residence on Tuesday, one day after her Eras tour ended in Brazil, South America.

Various pieces of furniture, along with several other items, were carried into the $6 million home. Subsequently, the couple arrived after having enjoyed some private time at teammate Patrick Mahomes' place.

"They are both absolutely obsessed with each other and, yes, very much in love,” a source close to these two lovebirds recently reported to the media, “They want the same things in life – a future and possibly a family.”

Many insiders say that Swift and Kelce have initiated discussions about having children together.

As for the current move-in plan, it’s “kind of like a practice run” to check whether they fit well as partners under one roof.

The source added, “If things continue going the way they are going, they will continue to cohabitate because that is what couples in love do. For Taylor, it’s about where her heart is, and right now, her heart is in his home with the man she loves.”

Until February 7, the Red singer doesn’t return to the stage, leaving her enough time to play house with her potential soulmate.