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Robert Irwin gets interrupted by a frightening showdown during outing

Robert Irwin appeared to be on a date with Rorie Buckey when something unexpected happened

November 27, 2023

Robert Irwin proved that he is his father’s son as he fearlessly rescues a snapping python from the side of the road and relocated to a safer spot.

In a TikTok posted on Saturday, the son of late Steve Irwin, had a near-miss bite from a snake as he filmed his impromptu rescue mission, which was seemingly filmed by his girlfriend Rorie Buckey.

The Australian conservationist and TV personality is seen lying on his stomach just inches from the snake, speaking for the camera, “Look at this big boy! Look at the size of him.”

At that instance, the reptile lunges at him in a heart-stopping moment nearly missing his face. Despite the dangerous moment, Robert appears calm and still keen on the rescue.

“Geez, that gets the heart rate up,” he quipped. “He missed me by that much... Man, you see how close that was to my face? You woulda felt that!”

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He then manages to pick the snake up, avoiding several more snapping attempts by the angered creature, which he explained was not poisonous but just has a nasty bite.

When the snake tightened itself around Robert’s arm, he observed noting another python-specific defence. “He’s actually got a really good grip here. I’ve lost complete blood flow to my hand. It’s completely blue.”

He eventually manages to get the snake in his car, and release it back into the wild in a safe spot the following morning.

Many fans praised the lad on the encounter and made light-hearted jokes on his endearing antics.

One fan wrote, “POV: You’re heading to a dinner date with Robert Irwin.”

Another quipped, “‘Like I’ve got no blood flow to my hand’ and he is somehow so calm about that.”

“He truly is his fathers son [laughing emoji],” wrote another user.