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Prince William, Kate Middleton's sweet gesture to each other goes viral

Kate Middleton and Prince William leave fans gushing with their gestures

By Web Desk
November 21, 2023

Kate Middleton and Prince William, who were tasked by King Charles to welcome the President of the Republic of Korea and the First Lady at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, sent fans wild with their one sweet moment at the event.

The Prince and Princess of Wales left fans in awe with their amazing gesture to each other as the sweet moment between them was caught on camera, attracting massive reactions from fans.

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The Prince was seen placing his hand on Kate's back while helping to entertain the guests, in response the Princess turned to look at her husband, and smiled before returning the gesture and placing her hand on William's back.

The footage has already spread across social media, with royal fans delighted that the moment was caught on video, as many users have already rushed to comment, with one gushing: "Aww how adorable! Those two love each other so much."

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"This is just the sweetest video ever!," wrote the second one.

Prince William, Kate Middletons sweet gesture to each other goes viral

One fan commented: "I love them. So genuine. Nothing posed for cameras just a dedicated loving couple."

Another hilariously reveals William's feelings for Kate, writing: "Their body language says: 'Thanks for being here, I couldn't do this without you'".